Was Santa good to you this year and brought you a BlackBerry PlayBook? We’ve already covered the top 10 apps if you received a new BlackBerry smartphone. Now, here are our top 10 apps any new PlayBook owner should get.

1. Angry Birds

Are you surprised? The best selling game on iOS and Android now finds its way to our beloved PlayBook. You can choose from the original, seasons or even rio. All games are in HD format so get to downloading and hurt some pigs!

2. FourPlay

FourPlay app brings the Foursquare experience to the PlayBook. Surprisingly fast and instant location lock make this app a must have. Download today and earn your badges!


The self proclaimed webs number one destination for music videos. The Vevo app gives you the ability to view videos from VEVO’s 45,000 videos, stream in 720p HD, and the ability to HDMI out to your big screen. Get your music on.

4. Facebook for PlayBook

The official Facebook app allows you to update your status, contact your friends, chat, and now the ability to interact with your groups. Also, you can upload videos and photos right from your tablet.

5. Blaq

Likely the best Twitter client out for the PlayBook! A beautiful Interface that makes navigating thru the app very easy. Blaq also allows you to set up notifications as well as edit other options. So go ahead #teamblackberry download Blaq today and tweet, retweet, direct message and don’t forget to follow us @N4_BB for the latest news and rumors.

6. Scrapbook

Create Scrapbooks From wallpapers, your own photos and stickers with an awesome multi-touch interface. This is the best app available on the PlayBook that truly shows the capabilities of RIM’s TAT unit. I just want to add that personally I LOVE this app.

7. QFolio

Get Everything you need for your stock trading life. The app lets you follow all major trading markets and of course your own portfolio. A must app for the business man in you. Best part, it’s absolutely free.

8. Doodle Blast

This is a very cool game. The entire game takes place on a sketchpad, with the objective being to secure as many marbles into the holder by drawing paths in lines. Really fun and challenging, I recommend it to everyone.

9. MADDEN 12

What else can I say? MADDEN 12, the best NFL franchise game is now available for the PlayBook. Best part is that you can play this on your large HD TV with the PlayBook’s HDMI out!


10. Samurai 2: Vengeance

My favorite game for the PlayBook. The Graphics are stunning and the game play is amazing! So get your swords ready and hunt down the demon lord Orochi.

There you have it folks. These are our top 10 apps for the PlayBook. Get to downloading and start having some fun with your new tablet!