Christmas is now over and some of you may have received a new BlackBerry smartphone. Apps play an integral part to the overall user experience. Check out the list below of essential apps for all new BlackBerry owners.

1. Facebook For BlackBerry

Most  of you will have this app preloaded on your new smartphone.  This app lets you connect with your friends , update your status , comment and message friends as well as the ability to chat .

2. Twitter For BlackBerry

This app is (most likely) also  preloaded on  your new smartphone , gives you the ability to tweet , retweet , direct message , search and now the ability for multiple accounts.   We suggest you create you account and follow us @n4_bb for the latest blackberry news and rumors !

3. Foursquare

With a brand new ui this app lets you check in places, see specials and discounts  around you , connect with friends and share pictures.   Download this app and start earning your badges.

4. Shazam

Ever heard a song on the radio that you liked but only to find out that you don’t know the artist or the title? Well don’t worry with SHAZAM for blackberry you can instantly find the track name , the artist and (if you have the 7digital music store on your blackberry)the ability  to purchase the song right from your phone.  Great app for all music lovers.

5. BBM Music

RIM  recently announced the availability of a new music service dubbed bbm music.  The app allows you to add 50 songs to your profile that you can share with your friends.  You can view, listen  and comment on your friends music which adds an awesome “social” feel to the app.  A little pricey for 4.99 a month but download it today and you can get up to 4 months free!!  Remember the key is to  add as many friends as possible to help you create a much larger library.

6. Chase App

The app voted  best banking app for ios is now available for your blackberry smartphone!!! The app gives you the ability to send money , check balances and deposit checks right thru your smartphone.  Only set back is for the Bold users , who  will not have the ability to deposit checks  due to the lack of  autofocus L!

7. eBay

Do you shop and sell on eBay as much as I do ?  If so, this is the best app for you!  With eBay for blackberry you can watch , bid , buy or list and sell items right from your smartphone.  Download and get to shopping now!


8. BeWeather

Ask anyone with a blackberry and they will tell you this is the best weather app , period.  The app itself allows you to set a homescreen widget , view the weather in different locations of your choice as well as your current one.  If you constantly travel like I do you quickly find that the auto update is an absolute joy.  With a beautiful  UI and now the ability to download themes this app is a must have!  I will warn you this is a little expensive but worth it, at least in my opinion.

9. Poynt

This app helps you locate the nearest restaurant , gas station , movie theater and whatever else you might be searching for .  With a very user friendly ui and a ton of features like gas prices (us only), phone numbers and the ability to map your route to your desired destination, you have the retail world at your fingertips.   Download it today and enjoy the possibilities.

10. ScoreMobile

A Sports fans best friend.  Track your favorite team or individual games with push messages right to your home screen.  A beautiful interface that you can easily navigate thru lets you catch the game when a tv is not in your immediate reach.  My wife says I  obsess with sports but isn’t that every mans job? Lol..Download it today and let the fun begin!

And there you have it, our top 10 apps for your brand new  BlackBerry smartphone. There are about 55,000 apps for your new Blackberry so get starter NOW.  Also, don’t forget to check back every Monday for our top 5 Apps of the week. From all of us here at N4BB, we hope you had a happy holidays and a happy new year!

Check for part II tomorrow when we give you our top 10 BlackBerry PlayBook apps!