Today, SBSH Software announced a new update for its world best-selling BlackBerry personal information manager, Calendar Pro, to version 1.2! With this new release, SBSH takes Calendar Pro to the next
step, introducing new Projects support – offering the ability to manage hierarchical-tasks with Calendar Pro and your BlackBerry phone! 

Calendar Pro 1.2 introduces tremendous improvements, but most importantly – Project support! Now you can easily manage even complex projects, arranging tasks hierarchically and shifting tasks from one project to another. The new Calendar Pro 1.2 brings an elegant and effortless management of your time! Calendar Pro for BlackBerry 1.2 is available as a free update for all current Calendar Pro for BlackBerry owners.

SBSH Calendar Pro for BlackBerry Release CaptureCalendar Pro for BlackBerry
v1.2 Highlights 

  • Project – enjoy exciting new organizing possibilities: create hierarchical tasks, reassign existing tasks to other projects, move tasks and projects and much more! 
  • Optimized Filters interface – Review the existing selected filters and change them, with no need to re-select the desired categories.
  • Recurring Appointments Improvements- Thanks to intensive reconstruction, now recurring object are loaded faster than ever!
  • Optimized Layout and Bug Fixes – Greatly improved user experience with the help of layout improvements with the different views!
  • About/Registration Screen Optimization – Calendar Pro’s
  • About/Registration screen has been modified an redesigned, to match the overall appearance of Calendar Pro.

Pricing and Availability

SBSH Calendar Pro for BlackBerry costs $14.95.

SBSH Calendar Pro for BlackBerry can be registered at the following link:

Upgrade for Registered Users

All Calendar Pro registered users are entitled to upgrade to the new version for free. To do so, uninstall the current version and then install the new version. The same registration code you received when first registering Calendar Pro should also register the new version.