During DevCon 2011, RIM announced and released the new Scoreloop SDK beta for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. This will give developers the ability to integrate social capabilities into their native BlackBerry PlayBook applications, including support for Leaderboards, Game Challenges, Awards & Achievements, and Player Profiles.

In an interview RIM held with CEO of Eudaimonia, Ezequiel D’Amico, he discussed how they’re utilizing Scoreloop:

Integrating Scoreloop features was very straightforward. They have really good documentation supporting their APIs, making it incredibly easy to integrate social features into our games. With the availability of the Scoreloop SDK beta, we can make any of our games social with very little effort, allowing us to focus on delivering exceptional user experiences and maintaining our reputation for developing high quality apps.”

It would appear that Scoreloop will become the standard for social games on the PlayBook and later BBX devices. If you’ve ever tried an iPhone, Apple has created a similar service called Game Center. This has let iPhone users create a profile based on their ‘Apple ID’, which is very much like the BBID. Many of the iPhone games that have Game Center integration are usually top sellers, as they offer multiplayer capabilities with leaderboards and so on.

Scoreloop should give future BlackBerry games the same experience as Game Center for the iPhone. It will be interesting to see how many developers begin using this service for BlackBerry games. Would you better like games that had deep social integration within them? Check out the video demo of Scoreloop below:


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