Not too long ago at the Gartner Symposium, Research In Motion placed the BlackBerry PlayBook on display. Of course, similar to DevCon 2010, the PlayBook’s were behind a thick plastic wall so viewers could not handle the device.

A few of the PlayBook dummy units appeared to have a glitch and stopped looping the promo videos that were normally displayed. What appeared to be was an admin screen. It is unclear if this was just an administration panel or the actual home screen of the PlayBook.

Nevertheless, even as an admin panel the QNX software seems to be only a skeleton and still needs substance to look as glossy and elegant as seen in the OS renders showcased at DevCon 2010.

We’ve heard that there are only two completely finished PlayBook devices floating around at RIM’s headquarters. Well, not actually ‘floating around’, more so under lock and key. It would be interesting to know at what level the QNX software is running on those units.

Hopefully RIM and the QNX team can get things moving steadily and meet their projected release date. We’d hate to see them lag behind while the competition brings out newer devices. Do you think the PlayBook will look as smooth as shown in the promo videos and slides?

via IntoMobile, source: eWeek