We’ve gotten wind that coming up on March 3rd there will be a secret meeting. T-Mobile will be the host of this secret meeting, which we’re told is pertaining to something with BlackBerrys. While the details are loose, we can’t help but wonder if this meeting could be about the Storm2. When we first heard about this a week ago we figured it was probably about BESX and the upcoming BlackBerry Shield. However, since BESX has been officially announced by RIM we can guess it shouldn’t be about that.

It is no mystery that there are rumors circulating about T-Mobile possibly getting the Storm2. Could this secret meeting be about this? Basically, T-Mobile is gathering a few of its largest corporate clients that use BlackBerrys. Perhaps, T-Mobile wants to offer them the Storm2?

It is really one of those hit or miss kind of deals. We are either right on the money or dead wrong. Either way, once March 3rd rolls around we should have more details. Are you a T-Mobile user hoping to get the Storm2?