Extremely secure and encrypted file cloud sharing company Tresorit has now ported their Android app to BlackBerry World. We know BlackBerry is all about security, which aligns perfectly with Tresorit’s secure file sharing business model. I personally find it very strange that this is an Android app since it’s my belief this is meant for BlackBerry’s enterprise customers.

I had the pleasure to have early access to the application and I have to I am very impressed. The app is very easy to use, and even though it’s an Android app, I find it very fast and smooth. We will soon do a full review of the app.


IMG_20140807_175039Check out Trisorit’s full announcement of the app’s BlackBerry release:

In today’s mobile environment, business professionals need to access, store, and share files anywhere, at any time. Mobile devices have opened up new options for access, but have also created security concerns around confidential data. We’re excited to announce that we’re extending our mobile security options—in addition to iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone, we now offer Tresorit for BlackBerry.

Like BlackBerry, we believe in security.

BlackBerry has a reputation for listening to its community and delivering the hardware and services to meet their needs — and we align not only here, but also in our shared core strength of security.

BlackBerry’s tightly integrated platform delivers secure communication, enabling it to become the gold standard in mobile protection, and many companies across the enterprise have standardized on the BlackBerry platform, particularly those in highly regulated industries such as finance and healthcare. As BlackBerry’s recent purchase of cloud platform for healthcare providers, NantHealth, demonstrates, the device-maker will continue to forge paths in these kinds of industries, which require agile sharing of data from device to device, and with the utmost security.

Tresorit for BlackBerry offers an additional layer of security and functionality for BlackBerry users by bringing encrypted cloud storage service to the platform. Users can store, sync, and share confidential documents right from their device.