This is an interesting story if you understand the scope of what the SecuSuite security solution achieves, with its BlackBerry aided implementation. Secusmart is taking their voice / text mobile encryption and building it atop a BlackBerry Balance solution on BlackBerry 10 devices. With BlackBerry Balance there’s a true divide between the work and personal spaces. These partitions all function as one logical operating system but they independently affect one another. Information from the work side cannot cross over into the personal side, with levels of exchange all dictated by the BES deployment.

Secusmart plays in by bringing a micro-SD card to work with specialized apps on the work partition.
“The card contains 4GB of flash memory for storing encrypted documents, and the smartcard chip that performs the encryption. The security keys are stored in the smart-card, and protected by a PIN, much like a mobile phone SIM.” In turn the key is secured by the BlackBerry 10 OS to encrypt the data and make it impossible to access from the personal partition. If the micro-sd SIM card is removed the keys are no longer available to access anything work side as the entire section becomes inaccessible.

The news here, is that Secusmart has taken this solution and retrofitted it for the desktop.

“Now the company has developed a less expensive and more flexible system intended for the enterprise, and has extended the reach of its mobile system to secure VOIP calls on desktop phones.”

Awesome what tiered solutions can accomplish. End to end security layers like this can allow much richer inventions for the future, and allow multiple concerns to be addressed and adapted upon. It’s becoming a very agnostic market slowly but surely. People no longer want walled software solutions but open and compelling ones.