Aerize has a BlackBerry first, with the release of the first headless app for BlackBerry 10. Aerize Lockpic enables separate home and lock screen images, with headless app support now fully in the background.

Previously, BlackBerry 10 apps could only simulate background processing as active frames, if the app closed, background processing stopped. True background processing was the number one most requested feature for Aerize Lockpic.

Who wants the same exact picture frame and photo for every room in the house? Now you can display a different background image or photo for the home screen and lock screen using Aerize Lockpic.

No longer do you need to view the same background image for all types of device usage; go ahead spice it up! Set your device to display any photo you want when it is locked, and a different background image when you are using the device normally.

You can get Aerize Lockpic for only $0.99 in BlackBerry World here.