I had the pleasure of trying this puzzle game called Sequent. It is available in BlackBerry World for only $0.99 cents. This game is written by Jason Carter who has also written WordsPlus, which is a built for BlackBerry app.

This game is like other four picture, one word games with an additional twist included, which is that each set of pictures has a certain sequence. It gives a little more of a challenge to the game. There is also a nice feature of guest mode where you can give your phone to someone to play the game.  Sequent is a little bit simplistic in layout but still nice. The home button and coins is at the top with the pictures in the middle. The hint/skip option is right below these pictures and a done/submit option and a reset option.

When you choose the picture, you will see a red box pop up or if there is no picture in the spot like in the picture the bottom right corner shows this. One feature I think would be nice in this is to show which box was chosen in which order, perhaps like 1 inside the box for first and so on. This would be especially helpful if you put your phone down for a few and forgot which you chose first. At this moment, you have to reset or choose the rest of the items and submit. Another thing I’ve seen sometimes, I may accidentally pick a picture and I can not unselect it at that point, I have to reset the puzzle.


If you want to skip a puzzle or need a hint, you can do so using the hint/skip button which is 75 coins for a hint and 150 for a skip. You hit the word for the option, which you would like to do and select the option and agree to it in the pop up box. If you need more coins, you can get these as in app purchases depending on how many you need. 600 is 99 cents, 1500 is 1.99 and 4000 is 2.99.

This game is 100 levels at this time and difficulty increases as you go through the levels. I personally have been playing this game for several hours on and off and I am at level 68 as of this writing. Another feature that is available is that you can reset the game and start from the beginning again. The developer has stated that more levels will come in future updates. If you love puzzle games, I recommend this game for you. This game was just released today so like any new app there will be certain things that need to be refined in future updates but nothing that will ruin the fun of the game.

For More Information and to download, get it in BlackBerry World here.