If you’ve signed up to the new N4BB community, you may have noticed your own profile page.

There you can set some biographical information, share what BlackBerry devices you own, and list your personal BBM PIN and Channel PIN.

We’ve rolled out a new feature that lets you add a custom background to your profile, to customize it even further.

When viewing your profile, click the ‘edit profile’ section and scroll a bit down until you see:


Upload any photo you’d like to set as your profile background. Animated GIFs even work, and you can see it in action on my profile here.

Once the photo is uploaded, you’ll see it’s thumbnail, as evidenced above. Select a heading color (this changes your name to either black or white lettering).

After all that has been selected, scroll to the bottom and be sure to hit the ‘save’ button to confirm the changes. A popup dialog will display once the changes have been saved.

If you haven’t yet joined the N4BB Community, do so now here.