Severed Game App Cheats and Tricks

Severed Cheats and Strategies: Win every battle

Severed is a gory yet highly addictive game that first graced the screens of the PS Vita handheld gaming consoles. Now that the game has been ported over to handheld iOS devices, the satisfaction that slashing limbs in this strange, gruesome, yet fun game brings is, oddly, even more satisfying.

The game features a one-armed protagonist armed with a samurai sword who’s in a quest to find her family. You – as her, as the player – will have to brave extremely dangerous places such as ruins, jungles, and temples, and you will have to fight endless battles in order to get to get to your (her) lost family.

But slashing your way through the game will not always be as easy as you’d hope it to be.

So here are some Severed cheats and strategies to help you win every battle.

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