While out jogging today, I decided to time myself on a 3.8km route. Naturally, I used my BlackBerry 9860 as my tunes, GPS and timing machine. When I was finished, I stopped the stopwatch and noticed a neat feature when I pressed the BlackBerry menu key.

We’re not sure when this new feature was added or if its very new, but the stopwatch feature now allows you to share your stopwatch time by email, BBM, FaceBook, Twitter text message and more. With each update of BlackBerry 7 OS, there have been a number of surprising features that we’ve encountered. Many apps like Twitter and FaceBook are now BBM-connected. Why not the stopwatch?

This feature has been there since at least OS, but its most likely been around before that. This means you can now send your stopwatch times to your friends and family super easily, any way you want!

By pressing the BlackBerry menu button after you’ve started and stopped the stopwatch, you have option to send the time and share it. This could be a great feature to have in a jogging-oriented BBM-group to keep track of times. What other uses can you think of?