While we have an ‘official’ Android port of the eBay application in BlackBerry World it has not seen any updates since initial release and unfortunately the app is slow, and under-supported. Luckily for us, Tundra Core Studios has helped aid the gap by rebuilding their application to a full native experience with Cascades.

Shopping for ebay brings the rich mobile web eBay experience into a native wrapper, giving you full access to all that eBay had to offer. You have access to your profile to track your auctions, quick access to daily deals, quick settings to sort by region and currency as well. There are dedicated forward and back buttons for easy navigation as well as a share option to share items to twitter, into emails and beyond.

The application is currently supported via ads within the app which can be removed with an in-app purchase. I honestly didn’t mind the ads in my use, but to support the developer I’d happily make the purchase. It’s great to see strong reviews for the app in BlackBerry World and I’m thankful 3rd party devs are really working to bridge the gap with native alternatives for this platform.

Shopping for eBay is free to download, go give it a try if you frequent eBay (I know I certainty do). The 2.7.0 changelog will be listed below.

Changelog v 2.7.0:

– Added support for OS 10.1 and OS 10.2.1
– Cleaner interface
– Fixed country selector issue for Q5 and Q10 users
– Fixed screen resize issue for: Z30, Q10 & Q5 users
– Implemented keyboard shortcuts for BlackBerry 10 physical keyboard device!
– Optimization for Z30 Active Frame
– Shortened “share app” message to allow for posting to Twitter
– The country that you select will now be saved and will open on that country the next time you open Shopping For eBay
– Removed black line towards the bottom of the screen
– Stability improvements

Shopping For eBay is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is available to download on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront.