We’ve all had them: friends, family, and co-workers who were once proud BlackBerry users. Then something happened. They got caught up in the hoopla of iOS or Android.

The grass seemed greener on the other-side. Though, to be fair, BlackBerry wasn’t evolving with the mobile space. The impatience for the Canadian company to make changes overwhelmed their judgement. Thus, resulting in them ditching one fruit for another, or robot.

However, BlackBerry has played such an integral part in all of our lives. Even those who never used a BlackBerry owe homage to the brand who essentially catapulted smartphones to where they are today. Nonetheless, here’s how to tell if those past users are still interested in BlackBerry.


They troll BlackBerry fan sites


We see it all the time. Those pesky trolls in the forums that make you want to bash their heads in and scream “FUUUUUUUUU!” Guess what. A majority of those poor souls are past BlackBerry users.

Truth is, deep down inside they’re secretly rooting for BlackBerry to make a comeback. Until then, trolling is all they can do to take their mind off the fact they cheated on BlackBerry. You see…


“Gingers do have souls”, but BlackBerry trolls do not.


You can find them following BlackBerry on Twitter


Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is one such user. He’s still occasionally seen sporting a BlackBerry device. Eric is also following BlackBerry on Twitter. Such is the case with many other past users. They want to keep tabs on what’s happening.


They look like this…


…when you “keep talking” about BlackBerry. But then when you mention a feature of BlackBerry 10 they look like…



When seeing the BlackBerry 10 keyboard they go from this…


to this…


to seeing their iOS or Android keyboard again…


to trying to replicate it…



They try out BlackBerry 10 on their iPhone or Android


BlackBerry ingeniously made a web app that allows iOS and Android users the chance to “try out” BlackBerry 10. Users can simply visit BlackBerry.com/glimpse to try out some of BB10’s swipe gestures, see its Active Frames, BlackBerry Hub, and even try out the keyboard.


There is BlackBerry envy


If famed psychologist Sigmund Freud were still alive he’d probably had determined there is “smartphone envy” alongside his coined “penis envy”.

Past BlackBerry users can attribute this to their consistent reminiscing of BlackBerry email and interconnectivity with BBM. Emailing has gotten better on iOS and Android, but still does not compare to BlackBerry. iMessage and ChatOn are nice, but BBM trumps them on many levels.


For those reasons, past BlackBerry users will always covet what their former comrades still get to use. This leads them to…


Not shutting up about BlackBerry


Ok, we get it. You no longer use a BlackBerry, but why keep talking about it? They always bring up BlackBerry when they see you lay your device on the table.

Sure, it might not always be positive comments. Though, just two years ago they were as strung out on BlackBerry as you. Perhaps, deep down they miss that relationship, like that Ex who just won’t leave you alone.


Acts like…


…because they know you’re right when you tell them the latest story that shows another way iOS and Android is unsecure. And then they say…


But in reality they’re thinking “Shit.”


Plays the Devil’s advocate


The best telltale sign that a past BlackBerry user is still interested in the brand is they always ask “what would be the benefit if I switched back?”

Playing the Devil’s advocate allows them to reconcile why they left in the first place. But don’t let them fool you. The fact they’re privy to such mental games means that without BlackBerry they really feel…