Silence is golden. But often times when you’re hyperconnected it’s hard to get the emails, notifications and blinking LED to stop. With Shushmail you gain the ability to  smartly create schedules for your connected email accounts within BlackBerry Hub. E.g. you could set work emails to not deliver on the weekends. One could set emails to be be shushed out of BlackBerry Hub at any chosen time interval.

One could have personal emails silenced out of Hub while at work, or can keep work emails shushed from personal time. The application is super simple to set up and does the given task well. It’s a very nice additional feature and with the app currently pending headless approval it’s setup to be another great addition to the BB10 OS. Shushmail wont affect any emails outside the scheduled silencing period either.

Further additions include:

  1. Visual confirmation that a schedule is Active or Inactive
  2. Unlimited schedules for every account
  3. IMAP, POP and ActiveSync Accounts are supported
  4. See how many schedules you have set at a glance
  5. Schedule pays attention to 12H or 24H time format on your device

There’s definitely a use case for an app like this and it’s fantastic to see developers continuing to bring fresh innovative ideas into BlackBerry World.