Research In Motion’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, recently stated there will be six BlackBerry 10 phones released in 2013. However, these six devices may not be completely different devices.

I believe the six BlackBerry 10 phones will include multiples of the same device. The same as it has been for every other BlackBerry, where RIM will have a separate model for the GSM and CDMA variant.

This theory has been hinted in the 2013 RIM roadmap that leaked a few months back. In this roadmap, it was shown there will be three variations of the BlackBerry 10 N-Series: Nevada, Nashville, and Naples. This is also true with the L-Series as there are two known models: London and Liverpool.

Now that’s only five models, where’s the sixth? Most likely, the sixth device will be the M-Series (Milan), which is a BlackBerry 10 slider. Unless, there is another L-Series model that we’re missing.

Nevertheless, this is my thinking into what Heins meant when he said RIM would release six BlackBerry 10 phones. It won’t be six individual devices, but the number of the line-up for the consolidated brands. What do you think might be the six devices?