A new update to Sketch W Friends for the PlayBook has just been released. The game now has some cool new features and fixes. Here’s what’s new in version 5.0:
  • Private rooms are now open to all players – both Free & Paid.

  • No more Salon and Platinum Lounge; just one unified gaming zone so everyone gets to play together

  • We’ve added an interesting twist to the game: COINS! Each game round consumes 1 coin. Users will get:

  1. 200 Bonus coins for logging in with Facebook!

  2. 70 Free coins for the first login in a day

  3. +50 Bonus coins for logging in on consecutive days – the more often you play the more coins you earn

  4. Paid users of Sketch W Friends will be credited with 5000 Bonus coins the first time they use the latest version!

Sketch W Friends is available in both free and a paid version for $14.99.