As reported from Mikel Calderon, a developer attending the BlackBerry 10 Jam Tour in Santa Clara, California, someone from Skype was apparently attending too. The Skype developer gave the usual “We’re always looking to expand to other platforms”, but Mikel believes they’ll begin working on a BB10 Skype client after today.

Microsoft and RIM have been somewhat friends in the best. Microsoft’s BING search engine has become the initial option when using a BlackBerry browser. Why haven’t we seen a Skype app yet? Some have given the conspiracy theory that Microsoft wants to leverage Skype over RIM so that Windows Phone can have an advantage. Regardless, Microsoft is missing out on the over 1 million PlayBook users and the potential influx of users once BlackBerry 10 is released.

Nevertheless, we have to applaud the Skype developer (whoever he/she is) for taking the time to see what BlackBerry 10 is all about. Who knows, perhaps we just may see a Skype app once the first BlackBerry 10 device releases later this year.