When BlackBerry Live arrives in a few weeks, Z10 owners should be able to find Skype in BlackBerry World, and download it to their heart’s content.  Skype, as many of you know, is the #1 video chatting platform in the world.  The arrival of Skype for BlackBerry is a great step for BlackBerry as it is seen a selling-point for many smartphone users.  I can personally attest to that too.

There is even better news, though.  For those of you who believe that patience is overrated or simply believe that soon is not soon enough, you can also get it now.  Using a “side-loading” process, where you simply transfer and install the app on the Z10 manually on your computer instead of through BlackBerry world.  There is a “.bar” file floating around that we will be happy to point you to below.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news, you’ll also know that Skype was available for the Q10/Dev C as a preview in app world.  This version should be (and appears to be) the same version as on the Q10.   While being an android port, it still runs well enough.

Download the bar file by clicking here.

If you don’t know how to sideload, click here.

If you know how to sideload apps, and you just want DDPB to help you do it, click here.

Link to Skype .bar file courtesy of BlackBerryOS