If you’re a Skype user and a BlackBerry owner then it’s no news to you that in order to use Skype services from your BlackBerry you have to use third party apps that aren’t half as good as the official Skype app you see on other OS. If you try to access the Skype download page from your BlackBerry smartphone you will see a message saying Skype isn’t available for your phone and “Why not find an iPhone, Android or Symbian device that works with Skype”. They are actually suggesting you should ditch your BlackBerry and get a new phone.

We all know how big Skype is. If a company this large, perfectly capable of doing a BlackBerry app, won’t even bother doing one that means this could become a growing trend and BlackBerry users are taking the risk of living off third party apps, if we’re lucky. What do you guys think needs to be done to prevent this from happening?