Microsoft at the Code Conference unveiled today a new and revolutionary feature coming to Skype.

Later this year, users will be able to speak in their native language and have the recipient hear it in their own language while on a real-time video call. However, it will all be interpreted in a somewhat-creepy Siri-like voice.

Ironically, weeks before this announcement, our editor Ross Cheriton (who’s a quantum physicist and basically a genius) put forth a new idea for BBM. What if you could type out a message in your native language, but then it is automagically translated to the receiving user’s language?

Pretty much, Ross was spot on with the similar path Microsoft has had with Skype, but a lot less Siri-creepy. BlackBerry wouldn’t have to be limited to only text and could extend such a feature to BBM Voice and Video.

Check out the video on Skype Translator above and let us know in the comments if you’d want such a feature on BBM.