The new messenger app taking corporate offices by storm, Slack, has just received a new update for iOS. The update, version 2.20 brings six new features, including sixteen bug fixes.

Users now have access to Search 2.0, which gives the ability to “tap on a search result to jump to the message in the channel archive.” The search UI has also been refreshed.

Before, users could only invite new team members to their channel through the web app. This was an unfortunate user experience flaw. However, in this update, Slack now lets you invite new members directly from within the app (yay!). Eventually, support for inviting restricted and guest members will be added.

Aside from those two bigger features added in the update, other changes included better emoji support and a handful of other bugs plaguing the app. Nevertheless, check the Apple App Store for the new update today. Check out the full version 2.20 changelog below:

What’s New in Version 2.20

– Search 2.0: We’ve spruced up search, so you can now: Tap on a search result to jump to the message in the channel archive; long press on search results to copy text or star a message; activate quicker search using your saved search history; revel in an immeasurably improved UI and; as ever, type in a secret code that allows you to glimpse messages from 30 years in the future. Not that last one. Sorry. But the rest!
– In-app Invites: Admins and team owners can now invite users from the convenience of their app (support for inviting restricted users and guests coming soon).
– Improve your reaction time! Type +:emoji: to add it as a reaction to the last message (just like the desktop app).
– Long press on a reaction to see an improved list of reactees. Reactors? Reacjiizers. Bear with us, it’s a brave new world out here.
– Treat yo’self: delight in the new-fangled Recent Mentions view, new icons in the flexpane, and a totally redone file preview and comment experience.
– Also: The Channel List is wider than ever. Seriously, you can’t miss that thing.

– Fixed: the :sunny: emoji was being translated to a unicode character. It had a certain rustic charm, but rustic is SO last season.
– Fixed: an idiotic idiosyncrasy where the channel-specific Push Notification Settings page on iOS wouldn’t always save an indvidual’s pref correctly.
– Fixed: some of our default :country-code: emojis were overriding custom emojis (e.g. :ca: would display the canadian flag emoji but in 2.20 the emoji is now listed as :flag-ca:). This time, Canada, WE’RE sorry.
– Fixed: if you tried to “Close DM” with @slackbot it wouldn’t kick you from the DM. Slackbot was brought up better than that.
– Fixed: in a move that defeated the point of archiving channels, archived channels were sometimes showing up in the Quick Switcher results.
– Fixed: also, we no longer show you, the user, in your own Quick Switcher results. If you want to talk to yourself, fine, but you don’t need our assistance.
– Fixed: with VoiceOver enabled we now more helpfully (we hope) indicate the time and date of the message instead of “earlier today”.
– Fixed: when tapping on a channel in the channel list with VoiceOver enabled we now (pretty essentially) indicate whether the channel has unread messages.
– Fixed: editing a message with an @mention or #channel-name link would remove the linkification from the message. It is now relinkified.
– Fixed: after leaving/archiving a channel we now take you to your most recent channel instead of to @slackbot. We just thought you might like to hang out with Slackbot, but, y’know, whatever. Slackbot gets it. It’s ok.
– Fixed: where the share extension didn’t always update to display the user’s most recent channel, it now does.
– Fixed: @everyone messages in a channel other than #general now result in a cheery reminder that @everyone only works in #general. What happens next is between you and your conscience.
– Fixed: tapping the “in @dm” link from the Starred Items section would create a new channel with the ID of the DM, and that was wack.
– Fixed: file comments didn’t always respect the “Display Real Names” user pref. Respect was due. Respect given.
– Fixed: missing the point of being a toggle switch, the “Your Status” toggle switch would sometimes show as “Away” even when flipped to the “Active” toggle position.
– Fixed: users would sometimes get haunted by the phantasmic badge icon of a message with an @mention that had been deleted before it was ready. Fantastically, that anomaly is finally exorcised.