I came across a new game that’s currently robbing me of all my free time and felt the need to share it with all of you. Crystalinx is a great game with a simple concept, yet tons of different aspects that will keep you challenged for a long time.

What is it?

With Crystalinx, you slide different colored spheres around on the board to match three of the same color. That’s a pretty simple idea that we’ve all seen and played with before, but this game takes it a few more steps by adding different twists that keep it just the right amount of difficult to keep you pulling your hair out but still coming back for more.

The Good

Solid graphics, cool music, and great game play are the best aspects of Crystalinx.  The little spheres that you move around to make matches have a good look to them, and the vibrant colors are beautiful on my screen. I’m not very good at this game yet, but another thing I love about it is that every level I’ve made it to (which is not very many) is different and unique.

The Bad

As I said, there are different aspects to the game that set it apart from the seemingly endless barrage of three in a row games.  At the beginning of the game is a tutorial that you must go through before fully playing the game. In it, you are taught all the different ins and outs and twists and turns and bonuses, etc. There really aren’t that many, but I felt like I had to go through it again to fully understand them all. What’s more interesting is that this is what makes the game good, but also a little bit frustrating. I feel like I’m going to need to play the game a whole lot more before I fully get a good technique going.

Should I buy it?

In a word? Yes. This is a fun and challenging game that is a great way to pass a few minutes of your time. Since you’re able to save your progress, you don’t have to worry about starting all the way over at level one when you stop to continue on with your life. Download the game for $1.99 in BlackBerry World, or if you’re unsure if you want to shell out the two bucks, you can also get a more limited free version.