Cheap to own and poised to double in value BlackBerry beginning show its shoulders in the stock breaking the neckline and moving toward $15. Common circumstance across brands we’ve seen in this play: Green Mountain Coffee, Hewlett Packard, Netflix we’ve seen the trend before. Doubling off the lows, flat line 100-days; building market support reflective of a growing stairwell as the stock climbs back up.

With Chen doubling down on enterprise we’ll see falling operation costs from legacy support, with an uptick of enterprise conversions into full BES customers. Further along, we can expect service revenues to be curbed from these growing relationships through use of hardware and associated enterprise initiates such as eBBM to aid the eroding profits.

Normally when a company hits lows twice like this in a relatively short amount of time you get a dead bounce while the majority of the sellers will get out the stock. Leaving plenty overhead for buyers to come in and raise value.