We all know there are developers all around the world, whether they are responsible for big hits or not, but they are there working hard to bring awesome new apps and games to all of you. Sadly, not all of them get the recognition they deserve, specially Latin American developers. We always see featured games and known titles coming from the same people, but what about the guy who didn’t sleep for over 4 weeks making that awesome game that never got featured?

Rock N’ Roll Game Studio made this cool infographic about Smartphone Gaming in Latin America. Some of you might not know this, but some applications stores won’t even let certain Latin American countries publish paid apps to their stores. How do they expect developers to feel motivated when they can’t even earn money for their work? Of course, they could publish a free app with ads, but we hate having ads in our apps. I’d rather pay $2 for an app that having the same thing  for free but filled with ads.

Here’s one of the many reasons why we love RIM: They have always shown support to ALL their developers. They host events constantly focused on guiding, helping and motivating developers to create BlackBerry apps. They even hosted one (very small) developer conference here in Dominican Republic! Oh, and you can publish a paid app no matter where you are. Take that *insert applications store name here*. Anyway, check out the infographic below and let us know your thoughts, we also want to hear from all the Latin American devs who read us.

Smartphone Gaming in Latin America