There are no shortages of selection when it comes to cases for your BlackBerry Z10 superphone, in fact, we’ve done a few reviews of some here at N4BB. However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, might I suggest taking a trip over to Etsy and browsing their amazing selection?

A while ago I was directed there from someone on my Twitter account and thought I would browse through their selection and see if anything caught my eye. If you follow my BlackBerry Photos Tumblr Blog, you may have noticed a picture I posted of the case I chose. It’s a great case that makes my phone look awesome and also gives it the right amount of protection without being too bulky.

There’s an ever-increasing selection when you enter “BlackBerry Z10” into the search bar (here’s a link for your added convenience), and no matter what your fancy, you’re sure to find something you like.

As far as the ordering process, it’s a bit different on Etsy because of the fact that many of the products sold on that site are custom made, or made by small companies. This means it can take a while for your order to show up, and there are chances it may be sold out for a while. It took me a little over two weeks to get my case, and by the time I got it, I had already forgotten that I ordered it. Added bonus: It was like Christmas when it came in the mail since I forgot.

For those of you rocking a Q10, I haven’t really seen too much of a selection on Etsy for that device, but rest assured, I’ll be checking back often!

Check out the link and let me know what cases you like and will probably order in the comments below!