Following a takedown request from Snapchat legal, BlackBerry has removed Snap2Chat from BlackBerry World. The developer Nemory Studios has been called out and subsequently changes will be made to the application so as to continue support for loyal users of the application.

Snap2Chat filled a consumer void in the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem and despite other 3rd party Snapchat clients like 6Snap on competiting platforms it seems SnapChat went after Snap2Chat due to the application being a paid staple in the BlackBerry World storefront.

Snapchat claims, Nemory Studios “improperly uses Snapchat’s trademark in its app title and includes the unauthorized use of the Snapchat ghost logo.” They add it violates terms and conditions of the application and “other federal and state laws.”

Despite this, Snap2Chat Lite the free client remains up and available in BlackBerry World. We will bring you more as this story develops. Nemory Studios is invetigating the best way to continue support for the large userbase of the Snap2Chat client.