A while back we let you know that Snap2Chat, a native BlackBerry 10 SnapChat client, had been approved and would be released on BlackBerry World. The day finally arrived and it is now available for download.

Snap2Chat is a SnapChat client that offers all of the original app’s features, plus a bunch more extra. There’s a Lite version, which is free but obviously has less functionality, and a full version available on sale for only $0.99. Along with the SnapChat features, here’s what else the full version offers:

  • Snap2Chat presents a whole new way to communicate with other Snap2Chat users
  • The Shoutbox! ‘Shout’ in the Shoutbox and other Snap2Chat users will be able to like and comment on your ‘shouts’! Also add friends from the Shoutbox!
  • Customize your app! Select any color for the title bar and choose between a light and dark theme for the whole app.
  • Customize your snap! Use BlackBerry® 10’s built in photo editor to edit your snaps. Also choose from a variety of font types of sizes.
  • Unlimited text in captions! Snap2Chat offers the flexibility to write captions longer than one line.
  • Edit your profile
  • View stories individually
  • See your feed in the active frame
  • Invite friends via SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • Set a refresh interval
  • Take a screenshot without the sender finding out!

Snap2Chat Lite and Snap2Chat are both available in the BlackBerry World. Let us know what you think of the app!