Nemory Studios just released Snap2Chat in BlackBerry World a few days ago, and now they’ve rolled out their first update. This new version adds headless support to the app.

Snap2Chat is the first 3rd party app for popular photo sharing site, SnapChat. With SnapChat, you can take photos and share them with your friends for up to ten seconds. After that, they are deleted, never to be seen again. (Unless you take a screenshot.)

Nemory Studios had been trying for several months to get their app approved in BlackBerry World, and they finally got that stamp about a week ago. It seemed like incorporating headless notifications was the next natural step, and they’ve delivered on that with this new release. This means that the app does not need to open and in your active tiles in order for you to receive notifications of new messages.

As of right now, the headless notification support is only available in the pro version of the app.

You can download Snap2Chat from BlackBerry World for $0.99.