Snapchat, features and updates 2015 December

In the last couple of years, Snapchat has become one of the biggest and most successful messaging apps around. Now the company is trying to put its early woes behind them by getting serious with security and its users’ information. For that reason, Snapchat has now blocked all access to its services from third-party apps.

The block has been in the works for the last few months, according to Steven Levy at Backchannel. Snapchat now believes it has successfully closed all the holes developers had used to access its services and data. While this is good news for the company, it’s bad news for those that rely on third-party apps to use Snapchat, including BlackBerry 10 users with apps like Snap10.

BlackBerry fans aren’t the only ones left out in the cold. Windows Phone is also not supported by Snapchat, so it’s likely those users will also be left without a third-party app to use the service. If Snapchat decided to make apps for both BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone, there’s no doubt that these third-party clients wouldn’t be nearly as popular as they are now. Maybe that will change in the near future, or maybe not.