As we eagerly await the latest mobile processor from Qualcomm, they have released some refreshing news.  With issues like the Stagefright exploit still fresh in consumers’ minds, Qualcomm is looking to help make all mobile platforms safer.  Included in the upcoming 820 CPU will be technology they’ve dubbed “Snapdragon Smart Protect”.  Unlike software based detectors, which rely on application signatures for detection, Snapdragon Smart Protect uses zero day technology to weed out bad applications.  This means it can detect new malicious applications before they’re recognized by security companies, in real time, and lock down it’s access to the phone’s hardware.  It’s actually an engine which monitors how applications normally behave, instantly detecting anomalies based on the data it has collected.  The technology is built right into the Snapdragon 820 processor itself.  Qualcomm will be providing APIs to OEMs and AntiVirus software companies, so expect to see the technology integrated into operating systems to some degree.

Check out the video explainer from Qualcomm on this cool technology.


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