Jtokarchuk let us know that he and A7omic have compiled the SNES9x port for the BlackBerry PlayBook into a side-loadable file. We previously mentioned an NES emulator for the PlayBook, but you had to finagle your way to it with the FCEUX port. This SNES port comes in a prepackaged .BAR file ready for side-loading.

You can download the .BAR file here: https://github.com/downloads/a7omic/…pb-1_0_0_5.bar Note: It will download as a .zip file, you must change the extension to .BAR then side load. Here is a tutorial on how to get everything set up:

First Run

When you run Snes9x for Playbook for the first time it will automatically creates a number of default directories as well as the default configuration file and the default test rom file. These default test rom will be run during this first execution of the program.

Directory Creation

When you run Snes9x for Playook it will automatically create the following directory on your playbook if they do not exist:


This will also contain a number of subdirectories including the rom directory.

Default Files

Snes9x for Playook will place the default snes9x.conf file into the folder /accounts/1000/shared/misc/snes9x-pb/ if it does not exist. Snes9x for Playook will place the default test rom into the folder /accounts/1000/shared/misc/snes9x-pb/rom/ if it does not exist.

If you delete these files at any time they WILL be recreate the next time you run Snes9x for Playbook.

Adding Roms

Simply place your roms into the folder /accounts/1000/shared/misc/snes9x-pb/rom/

Filename – snes9x.conf

The default snes9x.conf file will have the file name commented out. If you uncomment (remove #) and add a file name that rom will be the first rom that is run when Snes9x for Playbook is executed.

The file name does not require the .smc file extension but it is recommended if you want that rom to be picked up by the Automatic Rom Selector/Cycler.

If the file has the .smc extension then it must have it in the snes9x.conf file, if there is no extension on the file then it cannot have the extension in the .conf.


File in rom directory is ttt.smc Filename = ttt.smc

File in rom directory is ttt Filename = ttt

File in rom directory is TTT.SMC Filename = TTT.SMC

Automatic Rom selector/Cycler

If you do not add a Filename to the snes9x.conf file Snes9x for Playbook will automatically run the roms that are in your rom folder, sorted alphabetically it will load the first one.

Whether or not you have added a Filename in the snes9x.conf you can use the next button on screen to load the next rom in the rom folder. Snes9x for Playbook will continually cycle through all of the roms in your rom folder.


Note: In order for the Rom selector to read your rom it must have the .smc file extension


You may edit the configuration in the snes9x.conf file all you want but your results may vary and are not supported by us in any way.

Some configuration fields may not be supported at this time.