Rapper and college football fanatic Snoop Dogg is going all out to ensure NCAA Football 14 can be played on the Xbox 360. Snoop is looking at his followers and fans on social media to help ensure backwards compatibility for his favorite college game, and it looks like it may be having an effect on the voting at least. He asked his 12.5 million Twitter follows to visit the Xbox Feedback site and submit their vote for the game. It has now risen to over 5,500 votes in the game rankings.

Unfortunately, even if the game garners votes, the odds of NCAA Football 14 being added to this list are slim. NCAA Football 14 is theĀ final game in the series since EA decided to put it on the shelf, and since it contains licensed content, it may be one of the first games cut from the support titles list. When you add to that theĀ recent judicial order that EA and the NCAA must pay $60 million to settle a lawsuit with former college players, and the fact that none of the currently approved backwards compatible games are sports titles, you might see why it’s unlikely Snoop gets his wish.


Sorry about that, Snoop.