In the age of the social network content is king, but I’ll be dammed if I’m going to make each and every tweet, post, article and link share unique. We all have a multitude of social networks we like to connect with, and BlackBerry World has a trove of great applications that make our social sharing as easy as ‘Post’.

We’re going to start in reverse chronological order. The top three contenders for this showdown are as follows and they each serve the same essential functions while offering some different methodologies to that sharing. Without further ado let’s dive in!


QuickPost is the new kid on the block and boy is he hungry to take a bite out of your social sharing. I love this utility. It’s dead simple to operate and is deeply integrated into BlackBerry 10, it simply uses the Share Framework and Accounts within BB10 to allow you to share to BBM, Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin and even BBM Channels. What I like most about this application is that it works more like a pistol than a shotgun. Instead of blasting out the very same message to all your social feeds it actually prompts you to share using the same interfaces you’re familiar with from inside BB Hub. This is simply brilliant. Why? Because it allows you add media and change your content to fit the feed you’re about to post to. This allows you as a content sharer to tailor your updates more efficiently. Keeping your hashtags off LinkedIn and even the ability to add different photos to each feed. Simply put, it allows you to write once, and post everywhere. The tagline is 100% true. And the app is 100% awesome. No needless frills it just works.

Polarbear has a long history in BlackBerry World but we’re not going to delve into that mini-mess. Instead we’re going to focus on