Are you one of those people who really just can’t stay away from Facebook? The guys at PocketBerry spotted that The ThemeBox has created a new theme called ‘Social’, which brings that iconic simplistic look of the Facebook design to your BlackBerry.

Social theme features:

  • “Profile Pictures” (can be set by changing your wallpaper)
  • Owner Name displayed on home screen
  • Dedicated full-screen Messages and Calendar viewer
  • Access 8 theme-defined icons via the side bar, as well as 8 user-defined icons of your own
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Spacebar launches QuickLaunch (sold separately) and Dollar Sign launches SMS

This theme supports most all OS 5 and OS 6 BlackBerry devices. You can pick up the Social theme for only $3.99! To add to the ‘Facebookishness’ you can also check out our review for Chat on Facebook app.

Buy Social theme for $3.99 >>