Wuzzles is a new twist on a classic game we’ve all seen before that is sure to please you as you work out each word puzzle. I’ve been playing the game for a couple of days now, and after completing close to 200 puzzles with hundreds more to try, it’s safe to say that this game is one of my new obsessions.

What Is It?

Wuzzles is essentially a word puzzle game that has a small picture that shows a common phrase or expression in a clever way. Players have to guess what each picture represents. A prime example of this is the picture below with an answer of “balanced diet.”

The game has a total of 500 puzzles separated into 10 levels of 50 puzzles each. They get increasingly more difficult as you progress, so you’re bound to have a challenge ahead of you.

Every time you solve a Wuzzle correctly, you are awarded both coins and points. The points are added to a total that helps you climb the ranks of the global leader board. As of the writing of this review, I’m currently ranked 213 out of who knows how many. I’ll be happy if I’m able to break into the top 100. The coins allow you to purchase a variety of lifelines that will give you clues to solve the puzzle.

On top of coins and points, players are awarded a large variety of achievements when they complete certain Wuzzles. I have quite a few myself that are pretty random if you ask me.

The Good

Aside from a familiar game that I’m sure we’ve all seen at some point, Wuzzles adds a fountain of social integration to give it a new twist. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to the game and use those links to brag about achievements or ask your friends to help you out with a difficult puzzle.

Thankfully, the game loads super quick and is filled with bright colors that look good on the screen. It’s easy to imagine a game like this to look boring and be clunky and slow, but Wuzzles has a smooth and slick layout that adds a whole new level of enjoyment.

My favorite part of the game is definitely how addicting it can be. I’ve spent more time than I’m proud to admit trying to get just one more Wuzzle done. Some of the puzzles are super easy, so I don’t get frustrated with it and feel like giving up. Of course there are some serious head scratchers in there that I’m probably not going to solve until I’ve done all the easy ones.


The Bad

Wuzzles suffers from I like to call incentive overload. I mentioned coins, points, and achievements, but I left out the increasing levels you gain as you solve more Wuzzles. That’s a bit too many prizes for solving this little word puzzles.


Not to mention I feel no urgency to use the 6000+ coins I’ve already earned. I know I can use them to use lifelines and get clues on puzzles, but I’m solving all the easy ones first so by the time I get to the hard ones, I’ll have enough coins to where it won’t matter if I use a few on a lifeline here or there.

If you choose to download Wuzzles, I would highly recommend you don’t connect any social networks. I know I mentioned this as one of the good things, and it definitely is pretty awesome that you can post the more difficult puzzles to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in order to get a helping hand. However, it’s not worth it when you consider that every time you unlock an achievement, the game prompts you to share that achievement in your connected networks. I refuse to be “that guy” who over shares his game accomplishments on social media. No one cares that I just solved a Wuzzle that doubles as a philosophical expression.

Download It?

Short answer? Yes. Download this game. It’s crazy fun and I can’t put it down. It’s not very often that I like a game enough to actually give it a strong recommendation. Of course, this isn’t because there is a good selection of games in BlackBerry World. It’s more because I tend to get bored with most games pretty quick and delete them usually within a week or so.

I can definitely see myself playing this game until I solve all 500 Wuzzles, and then hold my breath in anticipation until more are released.

You can download Wuzzles for free from BlackBerry World.