If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest from Sony their curiously named QX100 & QX10 smartphone accessories take mobile photography to a whole new level. Is the point and shoot camera officially dead? Probably not. Essentially Sony has ditched the body and screen from their larger cameras and compacted all the battery, storage and even Wifi and NFC into just a lens (the Qx100 has a pretty decent sensor I might add). They have then allowed your phone to become the body and screen so you can take hands free pictures or even connect the lens to your smartphone for even better shots. Not too unlike what you can already do with GoPro cameras. It’s pretty ingenious if you ask me, and the price seems just right for the respective models.

Spotted online, the featured photo shows the QX10 attached to a BlackBerry Q10. In use, the phone needs to run a Sony app called PlayMemories Mobile. With this application, you can operate the cameras by using touch screen on smartphone. Viewing the subject, shooting, zoom, touch-AF, and various other camera settings are available on the smartphone. While the BlackBerry Q10/Z10s support of NFC and Wifi they do not currently through the 4.2 Jelly Bean runtime.  I may purchase this myself assuming the app, or a partnership, brings Sony and BlackBerry closer together…or we see some native support in BlackBerry World. The preorder for these lenses just began on Amazon. Regardless the apps already “running”, persay.

Updated*** A good point has been made via @joeybeechey currently the Android runtime implementation on 10.2. does not support Wi-fi Direct OR NFC both of which seem to be key tenets of this accessories implementation. For now it seems BlackBerry 10 can’t support this kind of application through the Android runtime. Could future iterations of the runtime expand to add the necessary hardware support? Or could BlackBerry convince Sony to develop the app natively for interested users? This app works with iPhones, none of which have NFC, so it’s still a toss up as to whether this hardware and software combo will work on BlackBerry 10***



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