How to Sort Files and Images in BlackBerry 10 File Manager

How to Sort Files and Images in BlackBerry 10 File Manager

If you’ve been a BlackBerry PlayBook user, one of your biggest gripes might have been that you couldn’t sort images in the image viewer. This has been addressed in BlackBerry 10, at least in the File Manager.

The default is to still show the oldest to newest in ascending order. Mind you, this is only in File Manager. The BlackBerry 10 picture viewer does not allow you to sort the images. This is due to it already showing the latest pictures first.

Here’s how to sort your images and files within BlackBerry 10 file manager:



Once in the selected folder of File Manager click the settings toggle. This pulls out the list, which includes a section for ‘sort’. Clicking this will bring up additional prompts.



Within this area are a few options for the way you can sort the files and images within File Manager.



Selecting date and descending will allow you to view the latest added files and images. This can make it incredibly quick to attached the files to emails, etc without having to browse for ages.

The File Manager application for BlackBerry 10 is a really great feature. It has been quite useful to sort your on-device files and Box, Dropbox files too.


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