The highest level of command and those who keep the United States of America running are consistently required to use secure communications. For this, much of the US Federal government and special forces turn to BlackBerry.

In an effort to continue their use of BlackBerry, the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is looking for a way to further secure BlackBerry 10 devices. USSOCOM wants their Special Operation Forces (SOF) BlackBerry 10 devices to always function in a trusted state, reject unauthorized software and detect any signs of tampering.

The command is seeking white papers from “all responsible sources from industry, academia, individuals, and Government laboratories capable of providing a commercial or non-commercial capability” for a solution to integrity verification and tamper detection with BlackBerry 10.

“The Integrity agent will assist in ensuring mobile devices start, and remain, in a known trusted state and within corporate compliance. Additionally, the integrity agent will allow Special Operation Forces (SOF) to track and audit all system-level and application-level modules residing on BlackBerry devices, as well as proactively detect the installation of unverified or disallowed third party software and undesired changes to software configurations or settings, as well as attempts at malicious tampering or rooting of the operating system. The integrity agent shall also determine IA threat status and provide a list of actions (i.e. Wipe or No action required),” the RFI solicitation reads.

Special Operation Forces, which include the likes of Navy SEALS, Army Rangers and units in the other military services, tend to operate in small teams in contested environments. Full networking equipment other forces have are usually not accessible, although forces still need to communicate securely beyond just line-of-sight radios and other tools, which is why they’ve chosen BlackBerry 10.

The US government is seeking white papers by April 29th, 2015. They ask interested parties for no more than three pages on the ability to provide secure features for BlackBerry 10.