Sperm…wait, what? That’s right, a classic Android title has found its way onto the BlackBerry PlayBook. ‘Junior’ by Dalpix is a free game where you’re a sperm…err spermatozoon, fighting for survival in the Fallopians kingdom against mucus. Dalpix describes the game:

“Chose your best finger and command our hero, Junior, on his journey accross the Fallopian tubes, searching for the egg. Humm. Didn’t I mentioned that Junior is a spermatozoon? Oh, yes. You should have figured out from his photo up there!

But the Fallopians kingdom isn’t the safest place in the world, despite the doctors speech. It’s a unpleasant environment, and several – Actually, millions – of Junior’s brothers have fallen down. Our main obstacle is the perverse mucus, always trying to stopJunior. If he get stuck in the mucus, he will probably die there…”

Junior can be downloaded for free in BlackBerry App World here, but only if you’re running PlayBook OS 2.0. Swim Junior, swim like you’ve never swum before!