There’s a new Spiderman movie coming out this week, and all sorts of video games are being released to help promote the film, which arrives in the US this Friday. While Xbox One and Android have some pretty awesome looking games that are available now, it seems as though BlackBerry is a little late to the game.  Not completely late, however, as Gameloft recently released Spider-Man: Ultimate Power for legacy BlackBerry devices.

Spider-Man: Ultimate Power is a classic runner game that has the Green Goblin, Sandman, and Venom team up and kidnap Mary Jane. It’s up to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman to run across the street and rooftops of New York and save the love of his life before it’s too late!

The game is free, and based on the description in BlackBerry World, it looks like it may have in app purchase. Head on over there to get the game and try it out yourself.