BlackBerry Messenger is already fairly secure. That is, with most of its data only passing through RIM’s servers, unawares to most Governments prying eyes. Nonetheless, if you want the satisfaction of really securing your chat conversations (for all you would-be and real-life spies out there), enter Ekboo. This new app is a plugin for BBM, which is able to shield the chat between users.

Ekboo’s main feature is data confidentiality, in fact Ekboo users communicate using encrypted messages with RSA asymmetric key algorithm. Ekboo offers additional features that make it a powerful tool that can make communication very efficient and able to adapt to various conditions of use and operational situations. Some of Ekboo’s features include:

  • Crypto – Full 512-bit encryption of all data
  • Text bomb – Temporary messages that are displayed for 10 seconds on the recipients chat. Once the time limit expires, the message is automatically deleted
  • Remote clear chat – Users can delete one or all conversations (even with out recipients permission) by selecting a menu option
  • Panic button – By holding the space bar for more than 5 seconds, it will delete and close all conversations instantly
  • PIN block – A PIN can be configured to block access to Ekboo while the phone is active, preventing others from accessing active conversations

Ekboo comes with a 30-day free trial, after that it has a price tag of $14.99 and can be download in BlackBerry App World here.