Rumors about Radioshack looking to offload some stores to Sprint have been popping up online this whole week. The electronics supplier officially filed for bankruptcy yesterday, and has now locked a deal with Sprint to help it survive going forward.

Sprint confirmed the deal this morning that will see the carrier take on 1,750 RadioShack storefronts across the country. This agreement will more than double Sprint’s number of stores (which stands at 1,100 currently) out there in one shot.

The RadioShack name isn’t disappearing within these stores though, at least not yet. The Sprint deal calls for these stores to be co-branded. The carrier will occupy 1/3 of each retail space, while the remainder will continue to sell RadioShack products. Even though Sprint will command less space, their brand will be at the forefront of each store, as we would expect.

Sprint has been struggling over the past few years. Under new CEO Marcelo Claure, the company seems to be trying to stand out from the two behemoths, Verizon and AT&T. Whether or not this deal will help it accomplish that, and win back more customers remains to be seen.