Research In Motion has likely been doing what they can to convince mobile carriers to adopt the BlackBerry 10 phones once released in Q1 2013. Speaking to PhoneScoop, Sprint has not publicly stated that BB10 is “exciting”, but added they’re not sure if it will bring RIM back to dominating the mobile industry once again.

Additionally, Sprint spokesperson David Owen added, “I would not count RIM out. RIM keeps reinventing itself. BlackBerry 10, as we’ve looked at it, has some really good characteristics. We’re excited to see what it can do. The challenge is RIM took on everything. They took on the entire gambit: the storefront, the operating system, the manufacturing, and this caused them to be slow in reacting to the changes in the market. We don’t think we will see RIM get back to the levels they were two years ago. So we have to figure out where they’ll be going forward,” in Sprint’s future product roadmap.

Does this mean Sprint wasn’t guaranteed an exclusive? Perhaps Sprint didn’t even want one. Nevertheless, we now have a glimpse into Sprint’s perception of RIM and BlackBerry 10. From here on in, RIM will have to woo carriers. Do you think Sprint might pass on certain BlackBerry 10 devices?