We were sent new spy shots of the BlackBerry Slider with it appearing to be running BlackBerry 6. At first we thought these could have been fake images, but after thoroughly examining them we’re pretty sure they are real. These are definitely some of the ugliest spy shots we’ve seen, but they do show a living device.

This image looks quite strange, however, we’re pretty sure this image was taken in front of a mirror and that explains the odd reflective glare. There is also said to be a screen protector on the device, which we would assume didn’t help with the glare.

It is interesting to note, if you look closely you can see the BlackBerry Slider is running on the Rogers network. If you look at the OS it also doesn’t show the ‘favorites’ or ‘folder list’ buttons to the left and right of All. The OS 6.0 may have just been in alpha or very early beta and this explains why it doesn’t appear to have swipe option or pages. Another theory could be that the Slider may not even be a touch-screen device, but we doubt this.

We are told the BlackBerry Slider 9800 is to be the first device to release with BlackBerry 6.

Feelings over the Slider are fairly mixed. Are you looking forward to this device?