Today I was reading a Story over at Reuters “Burnished by Starbucks, upstart Square battles payment giants”. I went to this Story because I am an owner of one of the little Square in Cubes.

When Square announced they’d be available in Canada I jumped on and signed up my work had been talking about how we can accept mobile payments while on the go and I had read about Square but not in much detail. After signing up and getting my shipment I discovered the Square reader was only for Android and iOS, while I do have both an iPhone and iPad I often forget them behind because I find them so horrible to use, or in the case of my iPhone on conference call days it is dead. As a result I don’t use Square and haven’t introduced it to my work yet for our national sales team.

Square is a GREAT idea, simple and compact card reader. But by leaving out BlackBerry from their device support to me it says they just are not serious about competing against the Big Players.

In Canada Rogers Communications and CIBC will be launching a mobile payment method allowing people with BlackBerry 9900’s and 9360’s to pay using their BlackBerry’s as credit cards. The days of Credit card readers will be reduced but if Square ignores BlackBerry then why should a company using BlackBerry adopt them?

I suspect the Banks and the big players will be helping BlackBerry users as well as other platform users spend and receive monies on their smartphones in the near term.

I’m disappointed my Square will just remain in its packaging I’ve got no desire to support a company that isn’t supporting my Platform of choice.