Star Trek TNG

As a fan of many things, you wish for certain things to happen between your favorite characters, like crossovers and such. I bet Star Trek fans have been waiting for something like this for years! I know I have. And they’ve done things like this before, crossing over with X-Men and also crossing over with Doctor Who. Man, I wish I could have seen the Eleventh Doctor have a battle of wits with Captain Pickard. The issue is set to arrive in Spring 2017. Here are a few pros and cons as to why this is such a good or bad idea.


    Once this event is over, the comic book creators can craft even more crossover stories e.g. Imagine the original crew of the Enterprise, led by Captain Kirk, coming into crosshairs with the Engineers from Prometheus (seeing as how it’s a prequel to Alien)
  • QUALITY – The writing and the quality of the art style is brilliant. They really pay every bit of attention to detail to bring these panels to life. They deliver on all levels constantly, and as a fan, I’m amazed by what they do, and as a writer, well… I’m amazed, too.


  • RELEASE DATE – Now, I know writers get busy with working on other projects, so they can’t really focus too much time on one project, but I mean, come on, guys, seriously!? Four years! They waited four years to deliver another crossover to us. I can understand two, but FOUR, really!?
  • NOVELTY VALUE – Sure, these crossovers are popular now, but after years and years of them coming out? They would get stale very quickly and the novelty of it will be lost.

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