I wake up in the morning everyday, get ready for work and leave but before I do, I read the news on my PlayBook. By now, you probably already know all about the bombings in Boston, but some people are still left in the dark and know little, if nothing at all, about this. It’s always good to stay informed, that’s why today’s article are my top news apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

1. News360
News360 for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ aggregates more than 5000 different news sources around the web to bring you news stories in a concise and useful stream. The semantic analysis technology behind News360 allows you to get background information and dossiers about all the companies, people and locations that make the news.


2. PressReader
PressReader brings over 2,300 full-content newspapers and magazines from 100+ countries to your BlackBerry® 10 smartphone. Choose from a growing list of the world’s most popular publications, including: The Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and more.

press reader

3. Taptu – DJ Your News
Taptu – instant access to all your interests in one beautiful little app. Add your favorite web sites, blogs and social networks and see Taptu transform them into gorgeous visual article streams.


4. Digital Journal
The Digital Journal app on BlackBerry® and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ features articles, blogs and images from thousands of professional and citizen journalists, bloggers, photographers and freelance reporters from 200+ countries around the world.

digital journal So that’s it guys. But these are my favorite, now let us know in the comments below which apps you use.