The North East is about to get slammed by Hurricane Sandy. Flooding and strong winds have already begun. BlackBerry OS 7 comes pre-equipped with a very nice emergency notification system. Although, these are only for weather advisory and government updates. Check out the following apps to keep up-to-date with Hurricane Sandy’s movement and safe in time of emergecy:

Storm Watch

STORM WATCH provides up-to-date severe and adverse weather data and imagery formatted for smart phones via our server ( without any monthly fee. There is only a one time initial charge for a small client app used to access the data.

STORM WATCH provides graphical displays and text based information on your BlackBerry® covering current and forecast adverse weather conditions for the continental United States. Convective watches and warnings from the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, Tropical Storm/Hurricane watches & warnings from the National Hurricane center in Miami, plus all Watches, Warnings, Advisories and Special Weather Statements, including Tsunami warnings, are available. All information is available by clicking on Icons and/or drilling down into the Maps, Charts and Radar displays.

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iEmergency can really help you in case of emergency. Just launch the application and you have three choices:

  • Text your position to someone (who will receive a clickable link, it doesn’t matter which smartphone he/she has! He/she will see on Google maps, exactly where you are!);
  • See your position on your own Map Application;
  • Call an emergency number: iEmergency gives you the chance to call the emergency service wherever you are in the world!

Download iEmergency from App World >>

Emergency Information

Emergencies may happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Give medics and rescue personnel all your information they need, it may save your life. Emergency Information app helps you store your personal and critical information in your BlackBerry® device

In case of emergency, physicians, paramedics and nurses can access to the application and review your personal information, including your emergency contacts, current medications, allergies, past surgical history etc. Emergency Information app can be treated as your personal medical notebook in which you store all of your medical information.

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Keep track of the latest hurricane information from the National Hurricane Center.

Download HurricaNews from App World >>

Hurricane Tracking Center

Stay informed about the latest tropical systems in the Atlantic and Caribbean. Get the most recent maps and forecast details about active storms.


This app also contains a hurricane survival guide, detailing how to prepare for before, during and after the storm.

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